Instant Noodles of the World – Part 1


Do you know you can eat foreign instant noodles while staying in Japan? Recently, as the number of stores dealing with foreign foods is increasing, we can have more chances to try them. It may sometimes a big challenge because we have no idea what they taste like.

Today, a blogger Mr. M will tell you how they taste along with his “original” top 5 ranking and his own recipe.


This is the store which sells coffee and foreign foods etc.


Thai spices and noodles….
Hmm, Thai foods must be popular here ^_^


O.K., let’s move on to instant noodles.

According to Mr. M’s survey, the 5th prize went to Korean curry noodles.


How much is this? — Wow, it’s only 89 yen (US$1) !?


Mushrooms and paprika added. How do they look?


To his surprise, noodles have unique thickness and the soup isn’t too spicy. Just delicious.

And the 4th prize went to pho from Vietnam.

For your information, pho means noodles made of rice.


Does the package already look gorgeous?


You can see shrimps on the package, can’t you? So maybe you should add them, too.


Shrimps cost only 300 yen (US$3.7)


Only 2 or 3 shrimps are enough for noodles, so let’s eat them as “sashimi.”


Eating with wasabi is just perfect!


Help yourself!


You can also make delicious soup from shrimp shells.


Don’t throw them away!


Boil them in a pot.


Ta-dah! Shrimp soup just fits pho.


Maybe adding some vegetables such as green onions, paprika and coriander would be nice.


Shrimp pho are ready to eat!


The taste is guaranteed!


The soup with shrimp flavor and coriander is excellent. And as noodles soak up the soup, they taste better.

To be continued…

Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!