The Smallest and Thinnest Vending Machine in Japan (Maybe…)


A blogger, Ms. K found a very thin type of vending machine. Look at how few drinks it has in there! It’s very rare to see vending machines with only 8 drinks.

Do you think there are much smaller vending machines? Let’s find out!


 This is one of popular vending machines with 42 drinks.


This has 12 drinks.


Almost! This has 10 drinks.


These have 12 drinks each.
One also has a cute tiny roof ♪


News from the vending machine. 
(Look at green letters on the top.)


Hmm, how many types of vending machine we have in Japan! The maker of small vending machine said their vending machines usually have 12 drinks or more, so it would be the last and smallest. That’s why she couldn’t find smaller ones anymore. Then, she wondered how and who selected the varieties of drinks….


Let’s ask ^_^


But, the shop owner didn’t know how and who selected the drinks. (She said maybe the building owner did.) (^^;;


Only 49 cm wide! How slim!


Then, she bought one.


What to do next?


She found another small vending machine and asked the same question again.


This has 12 drinks, but only 5 varieties.


The owner’s answer was …. “no idea” again. (^^;;


Then she heard of unique vending machines with jazz music. Let’s go and see!


Vending Machines playing jazz ♪


Can you see speakers on the top?


This is a new “earth-friendly” vending machine.


The owner said jazz fitted coffee, that’s the reason why he turned jazz on. He turned it on for 24 hours a day, but turned it down at night. And he tried hard for customers to use his vending machines with comfort by cleaning and cutting prices.


He wants customers to enjoy shopping and drinking.


According to the makers, they innovate their vending machines these days.

For example,

— A vending machine you can donate some money by purchasing drinks.
— A vending machine you can buy drinks from even on a wheel chair
— A vending machine you can get access to drinks in without keys at the time of a disaster
— A vending machine which also can be a Wi-Fi spot


Why don’t you come and see new vending machine innovations here in Japan?


Source: Daily Portal Z


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