Amazing House Reform Show “BEFORE AFTER” Part 3


“Before After” is a Japanese house remodeling TV show, which redesigns a horrible house to a beautiful functional house.

If you haven’t read and watch the part 1, please check it first.


<The House with Tiny Garage and Unopened Entrance Door >



– A bath room added on to the house 29 years ago, and it sticks out to the garage.
– The garage is too small. It’s only 175cm wide, and the car is 168cm wide.
– Because they have bicycles in front of the entrance, they have to go in and out from the kitchen door.
– The kitchen is only about 1.7m×2.6m. When the families sit around the dining table, no one can’t go through.
– The floor is so old that it almost falls.


– Brand-new garage is now big enough for passengers to get out from the car. It has security shutter and large windows to get light and air.
– The new kitchen with a lot of storages. Upper cabinets got pull-down shelves.
– New dining table is hidden in the kitchen counter. The counter chairs can be used as dining chairs.
– The wood deck balcony has a partition to hide their laundries.
– The new bed room has a big storage underneath the tatami floor, and closets on two walls. Also a built in desk by a window.
– Next to the kitchen, laundry machine is hidden in the wall.
– The new bathroom is made of Hinoki wood. The nice wood scent relaxes tired body.


The father had to park in the horrible garage everyday without scratching the car, which must have been so stressful.

He surely deserves big garage and nice Hinoki bathroom!


This is JAPAN Style!


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