Scavenger Hunt

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Have you ever joined a scavenger hunt activity? In Japan, many people often come together as volunteer workers to clean public spaces.

In 2008, a group called “Japan Sport Scavenger Hunt Union” was organized, and they started an interesting project. To raise consciousness on environmental issues, they tried to think about ways for more people to join in and enjoy cleaning their communities. Just collecting trash is kind of boring, and people are sometimes hesitant about joining volunteer activities 🙁 Considering this, J.S.S.H.U turned community clean-up into a game.

The rules are very simple. 1) Time limit is 60 minutes. 2) Your community is the game zone. 3) Each team is attended by one judge. 4) Players cannot run. 5) Points are counted according to trash collected.


Here is a video of one particular day’s game. Many people are enjoying the scavenger hunt 😀



The next game is on July 17 (Sun.) in Mitaka city, Tokyo. If you live in Tokyo, why don’t you join them? It will be fun!


Source:  Japan Sport Scavenger Hunt Union Website


This is JAPAN Style!