Joshi-kai; Sorry, No Males Allowed!

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“Joshi-kai” means a gathering for girls/women only. The original “joshi-kai” referred to dining out only with female friends (no males allowed). It is said that the Japanese “joshi-kai” originated from a very popular American TV drama, Sex and the City. In the drama, the female main character often hangs out with close female friends in sophisticated N.Y. city restaurants. Many Japanese women were attracted by her (and her friends’) life style. And sometime later, the word “josh-kai” come into use in many fashion magazines. And many restaurants, hotels, and other amusement facilities started featuring a variety of joshi-kai menus/plans.

Now you (especially if you’re a man) might be wondering what those women do at the josh-kai . The answer is quite simple. They simply eat, drink, chat, and post their happy joshi-kai pictures on their Facebook pages! Each member of the party contributes to the conversation and the others just say “Yeaaaah! I understaaaaand!”(even if they don’t totally understand). Yes, that’s the way women talk! No conclusions are necessary for the conversations, lol.

As time goes on, the style of joshi-kai has begun to specialize its purpose; Princess photo shooting joshi-kai, yoga josh-kai, organic food joshi-kai, poetry reading joshi-kai, tarot cards joshi-kai, etc. Sounds fun? Most men and women usually find their interests in different areas, and these joshi-kai themes are most likely enjoyable for women. The social phenomenon of joshi-kai is not just a trend anymore; it has taken root in Japanese women’s’ lives, and will continue to evolve 🙂


Reference: HAKUHODO

Author: Junko 

This is JAPAN Style!