Good Choice! Overnight Bus Supreme Seat “COCOON”


If you need to be in Kyoto tomorrow morning after working late tonight in Tokyo, what will you do? Two options are left for you, going by your own car or taking an overnight bus.
So, today I would like to show you the latest style of overnight buses.


Crowded with people waiting for their buses


First you need to go to the check-in counter to get a boarding pass, and then confirm your bus number, gate number and departure time as you do at the airport.


Boarding pass.
Very similar to the one for an airplane.


Let’s see and ride your bus. The exterior is just like other buses, but you’ll be shocked by its interior.



Can you believe you’re inside the bus?  😯


Look at these near-futuristic, awesome and cool seats! They are called “Cocoon.” Two rows of seats are designed to keep passengers’ privacy and comfort.


As if you’re in a “comic book cafe.”



 Can you imagine how small the desk is?


Each seat has a tiny desk and monitor you can enjoy TV or movies with just like a “comic book cafe.” But, the desk is too small even for a laptop.


You can say it’s almost “private.”


Each space might be small but, you won’t worry about other’s eyes thanks to high partitions around you while you are seated.

Even people who are nervous about sleeping in an existing bus can easily get to sleep. Sweet dreams! ^_^


You’ll be in Kyoto soon.


After sleeping in a “Cocoon” for all night, you’ll be in Kyoto without any stress and getting tired.

Maybe the fare for “Cocoon” is a little expensive, but it would be a big advantage to travel and lay down in a private space.


Two drivers in service for your safety


Next time when you have a chance to take an overnight bus, why don’t you select “Cocoon”?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!