Japanese Fashion Leaders

I think there are some fashion leaders in your countries, especially for women.

Of course, there are fashion leaders among Japanese women too.


Here is the “top 10 female fashion leaders” surveyed by TSUTAYA online.


#1: Namie Amuro (singer)

amuro namie


#2: Ayumi Hamasaki (singer)

hamasaki ayumi

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#3: Yukina Mizushita (TV performer)


#4: Becky (TV performer)


#5: Tsubasa Wakamasu (fashion model)


#6: Kaela Kimura (singer and model)


#7: Erika Toda (actor)


#8: Rinka (fashion model)


#9: Yui Aragaki (actor and singer)


#10: Nozomi Sasaki (voice actor)


All the 10 women are so popular and often seen on TV or magazines, and the top two singers have fans in all over Asia.

To describe the fashions that the 10 leaders like, they are not too sexy but not too conservative; they enjoy playing with street fashion with feminine tastes.



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