Potter’s Wheel Made From an Electric Fan


Making ceramics looks fun. Many people list it as their hobby. However, it might be difficult to enjoy working with ceramics at home, especially in the style using an electric potter’s wheel (>>must be quite expensive!).

One day our blogger, Mr. J, comes up with a great idea: “An electric fan might make a suitable potter’s wheel!”


This is Mr. J’s electric fan. It looks very normal.


He takes off the cover and applies some glue (removable later) to the center hub.


He affixes a plate to the hub. (Plastic one is better because it’s light.)


Now a very simple and easy potter’s wheel is ready to use!
All that’s needed is an electric fan, glue, a plastic plate, and just “three minutes” ^^


This is the clay Mr. J chooses. You can bake it with your home oven. ¥1,890 (US$24)…
It was much more expensive than he expected ^^;


Anyway… Let’s start!  Mr. J wears “samue”, Japanese working clothes,
because many Japanese professional  potters wear samue and and look quite appropriate.


Here is a video! Let’s see how the hand made potter’s wheel works 😛



Uh-oh. What’s this? I’m not sure what he tried to make.
I forgot to tell you, but this is his first ceramics experience (^^;


Let’s try again!


 He gets a better one this time (^^)


One week later. His cups look dry enough and ready to be baked!


It takes about one hour. Let’s wait for a while 🙂


Glaze them,


And then bake them again.


Taa-daah! These look quite artistic, don’t they (^o^)v?


Hand-made cups seem to make his ordinary tea so much more delicious 😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!