One-Person Ping Pong Game – Rally without Ball

“Takkyu High Tension (Hyper Ping Pong)” is a table tennis paddle shaped electric game that a player can simulate ping pong rally along with the bouncing ball sounds. It was displayed recently at Tokyo Toy Show 2011 and will go on the market in October 2011. Both penhold and shakehand grips will be available.



It looks like a usual paddle, but it has a speaker and plays various sound effects. Listening to the sound, a player can play rally or rhythm game.

“Rally mode,” starts as a player swings the paddle. An invisible coach returns the ball so the player has to return it at a right timing. In the easy mode, the coach returns slowly to a slow ball and quickly to a fast ball, but in the advanced mode, coach returns irregularly.

In the “rhythm more,” player can rally along with music. As the rally lasts longer, the music gets into swing. After a minute play, it makes sounds such as “handclaps” or “boo.”

This is a demonstration video.



The man in the video looks kind of tired. He must’ve been demonstrating it all day (^_^)

Just like the name, it makes the player hyper! It is good for exercising.

In the video, the paddle has a cord on to for display purposes but it is cordless since it is battery operated.

“Takkyu High Tension” is available on Amazon Japan.


Source: Gaget


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