A Product That Allows You to Eat Potato Chips Without Getting Your Hands Greasy: Part 2


potato chips hand


I have introduced how to eat potato chips without getting your hands greasy before.

I have found an item at a convenience store since I have posted the blog last time.



potato chips hand


The name of this product is ‘poteto no te (a hand of potato chips in Japanese)’. Can you guess what this is for?

This is a tool for eating potato chips!


The product I have introduced last time was ‘how to eat potato chips with chopsticks.’ I am surprised to find a tool specialized in eating potato chips.

So, I bought it to try.


potato chips hand

It is very easy to use.
You just press the button of the tool to hold a potato chip and take it to your mouth.


potato chips hand
There is a projection on the end of the finger to stop potato chips falling off.


potato chips hand
It looks like this when you hold it in your hand.


I took a video of it when I used it. Please take a look at the video.




It is an interesting item for a topic of conversation, but I don’t think it is suitable for practical use…

I think the chopsticks are more useful, but it is probably because I am so used to using them since I am Japanese that I use them every day. So this tool may be more useful for Westerners.

It is about 400 yen (about 5 dollars). The price is somewhat prohibitive.



This is JAPAN Style!


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