Over 300 Selections?? Japanese Papers for Business Card

Business card is one of the essentials for business people. If you work for a company, maybe the company wants you to use standardised format or template for your business card, and there may not be many options. But if you work on a freelance basis, you may have a wider degree of freedom, and of course, it’s important to leave a good and strong impression to your potential customers. Design is important, but there is a Japanese company which offers unbeatable types of papers for business card.


"showyou42" some rights reserved. flickr

“showyou42” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, this company is specialised in special papers, luxury papers and new technology papers. Their papers are, of course, not just for business cards; their customers include bookbinders, designers, architects and calligraphers. The paper company which has showrooms in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya offers over 300 colours and 10,000 options if you include pattern and thickness to choose from!!


"eiko" some rights reserved. flickr

“eiko” some rights reserved. flickr


Typical business card paper is plain white (or whitish) papers, but semi translucent papers and mirror finishing papers can make your business cards a bit unique.  The company also offers soft flocked papers, and healing papers (it seems it produce minus ion!!). There are also papers called “new webron colour” which look like leather!

Minus ion, aye? I wonder how long it can keep producing minus ion for to be called healing paper?? If it last pretty long, then you may want to keep the business card with you for relaxation?? As there are so many varieties, indecisive person like me may not be able to pick one or worries if you won’t be able to decide. In such a case, it worth speaking to one of their shop assistant to find you the best papers for your business card^^ And you may be able to make one favourite business card which gives you a bit of confident to talk to your new clients!


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