“Pic 3D” Sheet Makes Glasses-Free 3D Displays


“Pic 3D” is a sheet which adds depth to any flat display. Because it is in the sheet form, it can be used on all kinds of TV, PCs and smartphones.

It was developed by Pictronics and will be sold by Global Wave in early August.

This amazing 3D sheet got a lot of attentions at “3D and Virtual Reality Expo” held in Tokyo.



The sheet gives depth perception by using “lenticular lens,” and enabled 120-degree field of view.

You can watch 3D without wearing glasses and take the sheet off when you don’t use it.

To watch 3D images, you need to install the company’s application. It basically works with video files which are in the side by side format, and side by side formatted contents on websites as YouTube.

There are 6 different sized Pic 3D will be available; for iPhone4 and iPhone touch4G (2,000 yen), iPad2 (4,500 yen), 12.1-inch (4,500 yen), 15.6-inch (6,000 yen), 21.5-inch (14,000 yen), and 23-inch(15,000 yen). (1,000 yen = US$12.37)


Pick 3D Website (Japanese)

Source: Rocket News 24


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