How to Hide Hesokuri: Secret Saving from Wife

Hesokuri (sugar pot saving) used to be a secret saving of wives…  Yes, this is our typical image of the term.  But a recent survey revealed that more and more husbands have secret saving nowadays! (Could this be a sign of suffering husbands with limited amount of pocket money strictly controlled by their wives…?)

According to an article I found, 64.3% of husbands in Japan have hesokuri, keeping from wives, and average amount of the hesokuri is approx. 1.1million yen (US$13,846)!


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Good for them!!  But they seem to share one single common problem.  With some reason, their wives have got some magical talent to find out where their husbands hide their hesokuri…

But don’t you worry such a thing anymore!  The article tells you how to perfectly hide the secret saving from wives!  Yay!

According to an expert, investment trusts send you information such as notice of dividends by mails.  Such mails are actually one of major reasons why your wives find your saving.  So if you want to invest on them, you have to make sure that all information will be sent by e-mails.  If you need to receive statements, then you can arrange them to be sent as PDF. And when you create another bank account, make sure that they can give you some service without saving book so that you can manage it all online.

Yes, we can certainly avoid information coming to our houses by mails so that your wives wouldn’t sense the existence of your secret saving.

But the expert continues that this cannot be enough…  If you keep all secret saving at one place, there is a risk when your wife realises it.  So if you can split them into smaller amount at several different places, you can avoid the risk of loosing everything at once or of turning into diamond ring etc!

Oh, dear…  saving at one place is not safe as well?  But yes, if your saving was previously revealed by your wife, you must know what is the possible consequence… Well, nothing is wrong with being well prepared!


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Source: web R25


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