[Japan after Quake] Headline Round-up : Dec.26 – Jan.1



This is a weekly headline round-up of the posts titled [Japan after Quake] on our Facebook page.


[Dec.26] Tsunami changed everything in country’s northeast.


Once-settled land is now vacant, unemployment is rampant, and few businesses are open.


[Dec.27] Lady Gaga to appear in Japan’s New Year’s Eve show w/messages in the wake of 3.11 quake & tsunami.


The appearance of Lady Gaga includes singing and delivering encouraging messages in the wake of Japan’s devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. NHK said the song and message was recorded prior to the start of the show.


[Dec.28] Photo and sound collection iPad app called “Japan 3.11 Lost in TSUNAMI” is released.


Photos and sounds were recorded over a span of six months.


[Dec.29] ‎1st year-end holiday since tsunami. Main stations in Tohoku crowded w/people traveling to their hometowns.


A man living in Aichi said, “My parents’ home was washed away by tsunami, but families were all safe. I’m so happy that I can see the new year with them.”


[Dec.30] The big stories affecting you in 2011; Japan quake.


Ten months down the line – some residents reflect on the events and the future.


[Dec.31] Kamaishi’s memorial bell symbolizing hope for reconstruction rings on New Year’s Eve.


The four words “chinkon” (repose of souls), “kioku” (remembrance), “kibo” (hope), and “fukko” (reconstruction) are engraved on the bell.


[Jan.1] People praying at New Year’s day sunrise for a happy new year in tsunami stricken areas.


I also wish for the nation’s quick recovery.


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