Controlling with a Balance Board: UFO BALANCE CATCHER


The other day, I wrote about a crab catching crane game.

Today, I want to introduce a different unique crane game called “UFO BALANCE CATCHER”, which will be released by a Japanese famous game company, SEGA, in July 2010.

In a crane game, the player usually controls the crane to grab the prizes by using a stick but with this new crane machine, the player controls the crane by stimulating an octagon board with feet.


This video shows how to play this.



The octagon board is capable of reading eight directions and the player manipulate the board to control the crane.

When the crane grabs a prize, the player rapidly steps left and right rapidly, so it might be good for people who are lack of exercise lol.


Generally, what is important to a crane game is the prize, and if consumers don’t think “I want that prize”, they don’t play the game.

On the contrary, prize doesn’t come first in this game but it features its new type control system, so what the developers aim is that the advantage of the game doesn’t vary due to the prize.


What people think of this game?

There are some interesting comments posted by Japanese viewers on the video.


“It may make me tired but I feel like I wanna try it.”

“Just make the player tired for nothing”

“No fun if the player can’t get a prize”

“It’s gonna disappear in three moths”

“It might be released for Nintendo Wii Fit”


I agree with “It’s gonna disappear in three moths” lol.


What do you think?



This is JAPAN Style!


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