Samurai Sword Chopsticks


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Japan is in a “Sengoku (the Age of Civil Wars) era” boom now.

There are films and TV series themed in the era, and people are into the famous samurais.

No wonder some people come up with the chopsticks like these…


Sword Chopsticks



These will be sold at Japanese hobby store, Kotobukiya; and there are three different swords.

The first one is [W:Date Masamune] model. They have classy gold on the hilts.


Sword Chopsticks


The second one is Sanada Nobushige model. Simply black but it has most typical katana (sword) look.


Samurai Sword Chopsticks


The third one is Maeda keiji model.

He was a kabukimono, which refers a person who loved to dress in flamboyant things, so as his katana.


Samurai Sword Chopsticks


These chopsticks come with chopstick rests with each family crest.


Samurai Sword Chopsticks


It’s ill-mannered but these chopsticks will make samurai fans want to sword battle at a table LOL.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



This is the JAPAN Style!



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