Not “Japanese-like” Points

I’m Japanese but don’t like miso-soup and umeboshi. Do you have any “not Japanese-like” points?

>> One day, somebody posted the above comment on the internet. And many people replied to it. There seems be many Japanese people who are “not Japanese-like”; they have tastes or habits that are not stereotypical of Japanese people .

Let’s see those interesting replies ^^


miso soup

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– “I’m not punctual”

It is thought that Japanese people are always on time, but this person seems not.


– “I don’t take a bath very often”

Japanese people usually like a bath ritual, but for this person just a shower is OK!


– “I don’t like onsen or public bath houses very much”

Even in Japan, there are many people who don’t like onsen. Is it amazing ;D? It seems that they don’t like sharing a public bathing area.


– “I openly speak my real intentions”

Many Japanese people are not good at this, I think…


– “I’m not good at acting within a group”

It may be kind of an old-fashioned image, but people think that Japanese prefer to join a big guided tour and take lots of photos with cameras slung around their necks ^^; But this person seems to like being alone.


– “I don’t eat rice very often”

I’m a little surprised by this answer! I think this person is quite unusual as Japanese.


– “I hate tatami mattresses”

Recently, even in Japan, homes without tatami mattresses may be on the rise… I like tatami though.


How about that? Maybe you are more “Japanese-like” than those who made these comments ^^


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