Heijo Sento 1300th Anniversary Festival in Nara


Until November 7, various events will be held in [W:Nara Prefecture] to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital.

This is the official mascot character for the festival, Sento-kun.

He has antlers of deer because Nara is famous for its park with lots of deer.



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At Saidai-ji (temple), the biggest building in Heijo-kyo, Daigoku-den was restored.

The 44 meters wide, 27 meters high main temple was used for national important occasions such as enthronement ceremonies of Emperors and meeting with foreign ambassadors.

This is the video of restored Daigoku-den.



Visiting the restored temple is free!


At the “Heijo-kyo narikiri taikenkan (Heijo-kyo public official experience palace)”, you can wear tempyo (kimono-like traditional formal clothed) costume and take picture.

On May 3, Tempyo parade was held at the site, here are the clips.





If you visit Kyoto area this year, you’d better check what’s going on Nara, which is right next to Kyoto.

You can see the events information in the official site.

Heijyo Sento 1300 years Festival.



This is the JAPAN Style!



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