Guinness World Records Live! In Tokyo Midtown


Tokyo midtown

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Japan is now in GOLDEN WEEK!!


Which is a week-long national holidays.

It starts April 29 and ends May 5. But this year, some lucky people have 11 straight holidays.

There are a lot of Golden Week events going on in Tokyo, but in this economical depression, people don’t want to spend so much money.


Here is a good news for them.

In the Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, they are holding “Guinness World Records Live!” where anyone can challenge a world record for free.


“Tokyo Midtown”

Tokyo Midtown

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This event was held in various countries, and it is the first time held in Japan.

There are 10 different challenges.

In the “Basket on the head” challenge, the challengers compete how many balls they can get in the baskets on their head in a minute.

In the “Socks matching”, the challengers literally pair up socks as many as they can in 30 seconds.


The competitions sound easy enough for anyone to challenge, even children too!

It’s said that when this event was held in Dubai last year, they made 54 new world records.

Now that it’s held in over populated city and there will be more challengers, so they will break more records!?



This is the JAPAN Style!



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