Acupuncture Facial Massage

In Japan, acupuncture points are often used in beauty treatment just like in other Asian countries.

Today I’d like to share an easy acupuncture massage to get rid of swollen face caused by shortage of sleep, overall salt intake, and physical fatigue. Pressing acupuncture point helps to eliminate body waste and improves metabolism.

I found this massage technique in the Life Recipe section in Oshiete goo website. According to the writer, she learned it by a facial esthetician, so it will do well.


1. Pressing “Tenso”

Tenso is the acupuncture point which is located right behind of the thick muscle (SCM) in neck. It is on the extension of a straight line from the Adam’s apple.

Tenso = the orange point in the picture below.


Press the point with your fingers slowly and gently about 5 times to improve blood circulation.


2. Facial Massage

Hold your cheeks with your hands (as you rest your cheeks in your hands) and slide your hands toward under your ears. From there, stroke down the side of your neck toward your collarbone.



After acupuncture massage, drink room temperature water to get rid of waste that is in your body.

Isn’t it easy? The good things about this are that you don’t need a special tool and you can do it anywhere in a minute!


Source: Oshiete goo (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!