Be Healthy with Juice & Dance! Yasai-Sekatsu Juice Exercise

healthy juice and dance


Competition between female idol groups of Japan is getting ever so serious. I guess idol groups used to be girls who only exist on tv, and all live in Tokyo, but nowadays, there are more and more localised idol groups whose mission includes introducing their area to other areas. They provide more community based events, supporting local specialties, and are well-loved & supported by local residents. Today, I would like to introduce video of one of those localised idol groups.

Team Shachihoko is a group consists of 6 Nagoya girls. The group made their debut with their street gig in 2012. They may not be a big name yet, but their gig was packed with 5,000 people last year!


Anyway, I found their exercise movie clip featuring Nagoya-born vegetable juice, Yasai seikatsu (or life with veg). The veg drink is widely loved in Japan; it is good to have with your breakfast and lunch, and a lot of health/ beauty conscious girls enjoy this, too.

Here is the movie clip!




You can argue that they are not really like super idols with perfect looking, voice and performance. But I think the reason why they are loved is in fact their relaxed attitude and non-hard core idol looking; the colourful sweat there are wearing is not a special idol costumes, but our typical sport wear at junior high/ high school in Japan, which brings us a feeling like supporting somebody in your neighbour. Local specialty food, characters and now idols on top of them! Hope you’ll enjoy local specialty of the area you visit in many ways when you come to Japan  😛


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