From the Japanese Kitchen: How to Cook Rice in a Pot

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As you may know, rice is a an essential element of Japanese meals. Deliciously steamed rice itself is a real treat! This being the case, rice cookers are common in most Japanese households. It’s very easy to cook rice to perfection if you have a rice cooker. But even if you don’ have a rice cooker, you can still prepare excellent steamed rice even with the regular cooking pot you currently own. So today, I would like to share a cooking how-to video from my favorite Youtube channel, Ochikeron’s “Create Eat Happy“.


How to Cook Steamed White Rice (Gohan) in a Pot

Difficulty: Super Easy
Time: approx. 30min
Number of servings: 4 (2 cups of rice)

– 2 cups = 320g (11.3oz.) Japanese-style rice
– water 440cc




1) Use better (filtered/purified/bottled…etc.) water for the first wash.
You of course can use good water also when you let the rice soak, but rice plentifully absorbs water at the first wash. If your tap water is safe enough to drink then it is safe enough to soak rice in.

2) In case you don’t have a measuring cup
Use your coffee cup, glass, or paper cup to measure. The amount ratio of [rice:water] is about [1:1.2], and it doesn’t have to be absolutely accurate. So just remember that the amount of water is the same amount as rice “+α”. I usually cook rice without a measuring cup (but i do watch the levels in the pot), and have never failed 🙂

3) Use a timer
To avoid overcooking.

4) Never open the lid while cooking and steaming
I understand your curious feeling that you want to see how it’s progressing, but just repress it.

This process sounds not so complicated, does it? It is nice to have a special rice cooker but even with basic tools, lovely steamed rice is easy (with proper care!) to create.


Author: Junko

 This is JAPAN Style!