Wasabi Stories vol.162: “Keep in Mind What You Really Want to Do”


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“Keep in Mind What You Really Want to Do”

Today’s story-teller is Japanese actress [W:Mie Hama], mentioned in previous column.

It is about working women.

She says that she is happy to know that a lot of women in Japan no longer face the choice between a career or marriage, and there are a lot of women in their 40s who are holding certain positions in their offices these days.



She says, “People in their 40s are in their prime. They can look ahead and behind. Their responsibility is heavy and their roles in the family such as taking care of their old parents increase. So a lot of them have to reconsider their future.”

Hama, herself, reached a turning point when she was in her 40s. It made her decide to give up her career as an actress to work on problems of agriculture and food.

However, it was a lot harder than she thought. She also received tepid response from people.

She did not give up. Because she had been longing for working on the problems since she was in her 20s.

She checked where and when workshops are held and went to numbers of them, and she also visited a lot of farms.
Beyond that, she raised four children.


Based on her experience, she says, “There are hardships and times you do not know which way to turn in your life. But when you face such difficult challenges, you take a moment to ask yourself what your goal is. Keeping in mind what your goal is important.”

You do not have to struggle alone. You can ask the others for advice.


Finally she says, “I want them to take it easy and keep working on whatever they are doing till they get a chance to do what they really want to do. The day will definitely come. How you cope with the difficult challenges will make a difference.”


The NIKKEI 12/19/2009 by Mie Hama (actress)



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