New Idol Singer form YouTube


Otaku-idols, Sweets-idols, and Korean idols… Now Japan is full of many kinds of idols. And this time, a new-type of idol has been born thanks to YouTube. Her stage name is “rinaachang” (Rina-chan), and she usually works at a IT company in Tokyo. The most unusual point about her is that she sings only at home. Look at the photo above. The objects behind rinaachang are a TV and a fridge (^^; This is her real room and real life.

No matter where she sings, she is certainly cute (^o^)!  As soon as she uploaded her singing video on YouTube, the counter reached 6 million views! An agency made her an offer, and she made her “professional” recording debut.  But still, she sings only at home even after this pro debut. Her debut songs are “O-Ka-E-Ri ~welcome home~” and “Ma-chi-Ga-E-Ta ~mistake~”. Check them out!!



Rinaachang also has her Facebook page (^^) >>


Source: Walker plus


This is JAPAN Style!