Wasabi Stories vol.136: “FRISK Commercial”


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“FRISK Commercial”

Today’s story teller is a novelist Kikuko Tsumura.

The topic was a TV commercial for FRISK (a brand of mints), which she described “the most thrilling TV content on air regularly now that made me emotionally attached to it is a FRISK commercial.”

Her favorite version of FRISK commercial is “getting a new idea.”





In the video, a man who is stuck for idea throws papers struggling but something flashes into his mind and he runs a hallway with all smiles.

Tsumura herself has always felt it’s hard to come up with new idea; therefore she can attach her emotion to the scene.


“Although the commercial is short, it is full of pain in a slump, which I can feel right there. I probably demand ‘people who are stuck for new idea’ in the bottom of my heart.”


She continued, she can easily find the people who have similar problem online or around her, but if she limits the problem to “slump in idea”, there is not so many media that she can visually see the pain.

There is a Shakespeare’s word that she reminds of, when she sees the commercial.

“Thinking that others suffer from the same trouble you have can’t heal your broken heart but eases your heart.”


Tsumura’s word,

“How about putting all ‘the blocked-people’ who are already exhausted in slump into an exam hall and have them work together? Of course they are not allowed to talk. After they finished their work, they will strongly remember each others as fellows.”


The NIKKEI Nov/17/2009 by Kikuko Tsumura (novelist)



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