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There was a period that all girls were dreaming of obtaining perfect, model-like skinny body in Japan, and even slim-enough girls often mentioned that they are on diet.  But it seems a sign of change to such a trend has been seen now.  According to an article, there is a new fashion magazine, which is specifically focusing on chubby girls.  Also, a popular fashion magazine publisher and entertainment agency of Japan are catching people’s attention by seeking candidates for chubby girl models.

OK, I have to admit that calling specific body shape of people chubby may not sound very nice.  And of course, fashion magazine and entertainment agency wouldn’t call them chubby to find model candidates.  So fashion industry decided to refer to chubby girls as “marshmallow girls”.  Marshmallow girl in their context typically means chubby girls in puffy-fluffy clothes.

So, here is the entertainment group consists of marshmallow girls, called Chubbiness.



Well, as you see in the movie above, none of them seems to be very chubby at all, but they rather look healthy 😛   if you look at marshmallow girls magazine, there is certainly a chubby girls, but some marshmallow girl models find themselves a little bit of confident after becoming a model as a chubby girl, and motivating other chubby girls out there not to be negative just because they are chubbier than other.

This is so true. I believe just because of slender being a mainstream trend in fashion industry possibly has been putting chubby girls in an awkward position.  And of course, if it was not in a life threatening state, how could it be wrong to be a chubby??  Well, let’s see how the Chubbiness and other marshmallow girls make Japan happier country!


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