Are You a “Bento Danshi” ??


In the past few years, the word “bento danshi” has been popular in Japan.

“Bento” means home-packed meal.

JAPAN Style has posted some articles about bento before. (To see the articles, put “bento” in the search box and click the subject you are interested in.)

“Danshi” means boys or men.

And the word “bento danshi” refers an un-married man who regularly packs his lunch in a bento box to take his office.

In a wide sense, it includes any men who make bento (whether married or not).


Japanese bento

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The main reason to make their own bento seems to be “saving money”.

Before the depression, Japanese business men used to spend 500 yen (US$5) per lunch, but in the recent years, they tend to spend much less money.

Because home made bento costs less than 200 yen (US$2),

At major department stores, they have special corners for “bento danshi” and sell bento related items like bento boxes for men and business bags to put a bento box.


“Skinny lunch boxes to fit in a business bag”



Besides saving money, some “bento danshi” make bento to have balanced healthy meal.

It’s good for dieting too (^_^)


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