Loved for Century! Kewpie in Japan

Kewpie is an American-born character, but it has been loved by Japanese since its Japanese production started in 1913.  Like Hello Kitty, Kewpie has a wide variety of regional specific key rings available across Japan.

Today, I am going to write about one of Kewpie promoting factor, Kewpie 3 minute cooking program of Japan.


"tsubasuke5" some rights reserved. flickr

“tsubasuke5” some rights reserved. flickr


Kewpie 3 minutes cooking is one of the long running TV programme which is on Monday to Saturday just before noon.  It has been loved by Japanese housewives, but its opening/ ending theme is catching people’s attention!  The latest version seems to be hip hop dance but I find a robot dance version to share with you!



Awwwwwww, so cute!!! (´∀`)

According to the article, this type of dancing kewpie opening/ending theme started from 2010, and it created a miniboom among babies and kids who watch the program with their mums.


There is not much dancing, but here is another version.



It seems mums are providing with very positive comments seeing their kids enjoying dancing with kewpie when the program starts.  Mums are happy when their kids are happy!  I’m going to search more movie of kewpie dancing  😛


Viva Kewpie x


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Source: mixi news


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