3 Reasons Why Married Men Feel Happy Being Married

There are always people who are not interested in marriage just because their married friends don’t sound 100% happy with their marriage life.  But I found an article, which shows almost 90% of Japanese married men aged between 20 and 30 have thought they are glad they are married.


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So here is the Top 3 occasions when they thought so.


  1. When they feel it is nice and fan being with their wife.
  2. When their wife is so supportive and try to cheer their husband up during hard times.
  3. When they realised that going home doesn’t make them feel sad or lonely anymore.


This is understandable 🙂  If your wife waits for you with a nice food and hot bath at night to relax you from a stressful work, you will certainly feel it worth getting married!  It seems some even get massage and stretch every night!  Wow, that must be brilliant!

Some other reasons why guys appreciate being married include the fact that their wife manages to live with less family budget or simply giving a birth to a baby.

Ah, it’s sweet of husband saying this 😀

Maybe married men tell single men not to marry because they are too shy to admit marriage life is brilliant??


Please let me know about marriage story of your country, too.


Source: web R25


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