Top 10 Japan’s Favorite Egg Dishes


The following chart is the “top 10 Japan’s favorite egg dishes” collected by Japanese popular chart site “goo” last month.


#1: Omurice

Fried rice with chicken and ketcup covered with thin sheet of fried egg.



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#2: Tamago-kake Gohan (See the JAPAN Style’s previous article about tamago-kake gohan)


#3: Sunnyside Egg


#4: Dashimaki Tamago

Rolled baked egg with dashi (broth).


tamago yaki

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#5: Soft Boiled Egg


#6: Tamagoyaki

Rolled baked egg with sugar.


tamago yaki

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#7: Omelet


#8: Onsen Tamago (Hot spring egg)

Egg white is soft and egg yolk is slightly hardened. Seved with dashi or soy sauce.


“Making Onsen Tamago”

峰温泉大噴湯公園 温泉卵
Onsen Tamago posted by (C)Jun


onsen egg

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#9: Egg Soup


#10: Scrambled Egg


I wish this list gave you new breakfast idea!



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