Yaeyama Islands Trip (4) – Kohama Island

Kohama Island


I introduced a report of Taketomi, Hateruma and Kuroshima island before, as a series of  “Yaeyama Islands Trip”.

This time, I will introduce “Kohama Island” as the last one.

Here is the report.




Kohama Island is located about 25 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island, at the southwestern end of the Ryukyu Islands chain.

It is well known that the 2001 NHK drama series Churasan was set on the island.


On the day the writer landed, it was raining, but the seats on the high-speed vessel was being fully occupied.


This is the terminal on Kohama island.


I think it is because the island is close to mountainous island of Iriomote island, the weather there often changes.


Anyway, let’s go somewhere on the island!


The writer wearing a raincoat.


Being wrapped in a raincoat, he started walking. He didn’t rent a bicycle this time because the wind and rain were kind of heavy.

At first, he walked heading toward the center of the island.


It’s like a jungle…


Sugar cane field spreads all around the island.


The poles like this stand in places in the hope of world peace.


About 15 minute-walk from the terminal brought him to a village in the center of the island.

Like the other island, the old traditional Ryukyu style houses were still remaining.


Quiet streets with stone wall lines are now familiar view to us.


 The shooting place of NHK drama series of “Churasan”.  This house was used for the shooting, called “Kohagura-sou”.


He also found some cute wall paintings in this village.


 Goya, a traditional summer vegetable in this region is playing golf. You are always welcome to their souvenir shop.


Though he went round the village for a while, it was still raining and didn’t seem it will stop.

There were no place to take shelter from the rain in the village such as cafe or any restaurant.


“Where would I go next?”


OK, let’s go on the top of that mountain!


There were stairs heading toward the top.



Surrounded by the dense forests like a jungle, he walked up the stairs step by step.

On the top of the mountain which height of 99m,


The view from the top of the mountain.


Though it was still raining, the landscape from the top was beautiful.

“I wish I could come on a sunny day….”

This mountain is called “Ubutaki”, it’s known as one of a symbol of this island.


Looking out to the left, there was a cape running to the west.


We cannot see the cape clearly though…



OK, let’s walk to the cape.


Going down the road…


Seeing the landscape of mangrove forests….


And threading through among the mangrove trees…


 Emerald green sea and white sand covered by thick cloud.


This is the west end of the island. The landscape was so……

It must be amazing on sunny days…


For your reference, by the way….

You can see this beautiful view on a clear day.


Beautiful sea on a clear day at Kohama island. 



Now we have seen his trip to Kohama island. What do you think?

As a series of Yaeyama islands trip, I introduced 4 islands through hit report.

Seeing like this, each of the island has unique features and views depending on its geographies.

I am sorry the weather on some islands were not so nice on his trip, but definitely you can relax and enjoy the quiet calm atmosphere seeing beautiful seas there.

It’s worth to take a few days day off and go visit the islands.


Source: Daily Portal Z


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