A Man Who Watches a Vending Machine Everyday

JAPAN Style has some vending machine stories in past entries but in Japan, vending machines can be found every corner through the country.

Most of them are probably beverages.

The other day when I was searching about vending machines online, I found an interesting blog run by a Japanese man.

This blogger takes pictures of a certain vending machine everyday and records if there’s some change in the line-up or the packages.


vending machine


According to his profile, he is not so interested in vending machines or canned drinks, but he decided to blog about vending machines because it’s easy to update (only takes less than five minutes).

Most of the days, there is no change at all but sometimes the merchandises are changed and it makes him angry because it takes time to update LOL.

When there are some changes, the blog looks like the following pictures.


vending machine


I see, processing pictures seems trouble to him (^_^)

It’s been four years since the blog was started in 2006.

I thought the blog is interesting because it’s “fixed point observation”.

By watching a certain point everyday, I think you can see the currency and tendency of the time.

It’s only about a vending machine but the viewpoint is very cool and unique.

And he’ll never run out of materials LOL.


Reference: http://jihan.sblo.jp/



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