Eyewitness Reports Increasing! Cosplayers’ Cherry Blossom Viewing Party

Sakura viewing party is one thing all Japanese enjoy regardless of age and gender, and daily news tell us that cherry blossom front is now moving toward Tohoku region of Japan!  We, of course, enjoy seeing actual cherry blossom outside the house , but you can also enjoy them at home seeing numerous amount of  pictures uploaded to SNS such as facebook and Twitter.


japanese sakura

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Majority of them are general beautiful sakura pictures; however, you can sometime find pictures of cosplayers’ flower viewing parties.  Of course, cosplayers are no longer so rare in Japan; you can see cosplayers heading to some popular cosplayers’ events with proper costume on or there are even some people frequently enjoy doing cosplay on an almost daily basis.  But it seems the number of such cosplayers’ sakura party eyewitness reports is increasing all over Japan.


cosplay girl

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So flower viewing cosplayers have been spotted in popular cherry blossom viewing spots across Japan, and they sometimes appear as complete character group of well-known anime.


cosplay guys

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Cosplayers basically tend to be very polite so I think there is no problem finding them enjoying cherry blossom by the side of ther non-cosplay people.  But it seems some non-cosplay visitors find it difficult to focus on sakura viewing as cosplayers catch their attention too much Lol!

 Haha!  Well, this is kind of understandable, so I wouldn’t blame of those people being distracted  😛


But why is it getting a bit popular to have cosplayers’ sakura viewing party now?

According to an article I found, it is not just some cosplayers’ having small-scale flower viewing party privately, but some towns are hosting sakura party for them under a theme, ‘collaboration of sakura and cosplayers’.  And Tottori pref., where Shigeru Mizuki and many other well-known famous cartoon writers are from, is also actively hosting sakura party at Sakai-minato city for cosplayers.

Ah, if their party becomes general cosplay exhibition scale party, then, I will probably be distracted like those people gently complained, too, and find myself not having any sakura pictures but cosplayers! Lol   But, haha, what a peaceful worry!


What do you think about today’s article?

I would be looking forward to hearing flower viewing party or cosplay story of your country, too.


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