Wasabi Stories vol.128: “There are things that you’d better not know or see”


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“There are things that you’d better not know or see”

Today’s story teller is a mystery writer, Shusuke Michio.

The topic was psychic phenomenon.

Since his first work dealt with psychic phenomenon, people sometimes ask him “do you have sixth sense?” but he doesn’t have it at all.



He has always been interested in parapsychology, and he enjoyed watching the TV programs about psychic phenomenon and reading the books of spirit photography.

He even prayed “give me spiritual experience” at shrine and at a shooting star.

Amazingly, his wish became true not so long ago.

It was after 9pm, he went jogging while listening to music on iPod as usual.

The long straight road was a country lane by a paddy field, and no one was there; only a few cars passed him.

When another car was coming, he saw someone’s shadow behind the car light and the person was approaching him with great speed.


“It was running queerly with swinging its upper body hard, like a doll made of konyaku shaken roughly by being grabbed its lower body. The person was approaching me with furiously shaking its shoulders and head, left and right.”


Michio’s running pace is fast and had rarely been outrun by someone; however, the person caught up to him with great speed and run right behind him.

Michio went to a side so that the person can pass him but the stranger didn’t pass.

He wondered and looked back, and no one was there. There were no sign of life to far around.

He didn’t feel scared about it at that time, but when he started running and thought “I’m glad I don’t have psychic ability…” he felt intense terror.

If he had, what would he see on the person’s face?


Michio’s word,

“There is no way to know what it was but I leaned an important lesson for life.”

“When you make a wish, be careful.”

“Because it the wish may come true.”


The NIKKEI Nov/6/2009  by Shusuke Michio (mystery writer)



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