Samurai Group Entertain Visitors at Nagoya Castle


Nagoya Prefecture is closely connected with the Sengoku Busho (Samurai commanders of the Warring States period).

All of the top three Sengoku Busho, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, had spent their youth in Nagoya.

Having this backbone, Nagoya presented a samurai group called “Nagoya omotenashi busho-tai (reception samurai team)” in last November.

The members are six samurai commanders and their four solders “Jingasa-tai”.

Dressing as samurai, they show up all around Nagoya to entertain the visitors.


“Nagoya omotenashi busho-tai”



Their base is the [W:Nagoya Castle].

Everyday, one of the members stations there to welcome the guests at the main gate or in front of the dungeon.

On weekends and holidays, their performance is held.

Against the dungeon, the ten members show dance, stage combat and skit.


Unfortunately, the group will only operate until end of March; however, depends on their popularity, they will continue their operation!!



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