Quake Has Changed Household Habits

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According to an online survey carried out with 188 Japanese housewives (171 married / 17 unmarried), the 3.11 Tohoku quake and tsunami seemed to have changed these women’s attitudes about money and jobs.

As to the question “After the disaster, did you try to save more money for your family?”, 40% answered “yes”. And for the following question “How?”, 64.5% of those who answered yes claimed to have “tried to start working outside the home”. This disaster seemed to spark incentive to earn more money, and hopefully more security.

The catastrophe seems to have shifted spending priorities. When asked about this issue, 58.2% of the women said they would now “spend more money for safer food”. For example, one housewife said “We have begun buying mineral water for our children.” Also, 55.1% have started on their utilities and utility spending, and 39.8% are now spending less on luxury items and recreation.

On the other hand, some insisted that “thrift is important, but it is also important to spend a bit of luxurious time with my family”.


Source: My Navi News


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