High Success rate? Unique Marriage Hunting Event of Japan

I believe many people though that Marriage hunt is just temporary trend, and it will disappear as time goes by.  Yes, I thought so, too.  But it is seems it is getting normal activity to join, and now there are a wide variety of marriage hunting service available across Japan.


"mrhayata" some rights reserved. flickr

“mrhayata” some rights reserved. flickr


There are two services which caught my attention (not that I wanted to use the service! lol); the first one is “mask party”.  Everybody says that attractive people are not all about good looking, but good heart is the element which makes people good.  For this reason, one marriage hunt service providers wondered why not asking participants to wear masks so that people can focus on inner beauty rather than appearance!


japanese mask

“shinyai” some rights reserved. flickr


I think this is not a bad idea!  As a party, wearing mask is fun, and you can probably be more honest to yourself without worrying about what people will think??

Another one is called “Eco marriage hunt”.  I’m not confident if the name explains what it is even vaguely, but you can join volunteer activities such as public area cleaning followed in the early morning followed by nice breakfast together.

The reason why I liked this is that it sounds healthy and it is almost like uni activities you will find your girlfriends/ boyfriends in the course of nature 😛  I believe people who join volunteer activities are likely to have good heart (because it is not for making up for credits, and not nice people wouldn’t be bothered about joining volunteer activities to find a future spouse??)

Well, I don’t want to think that Japanese no longer have an ability of finding their other half in the course of nature, but maybe it is one of natural ways to find their future spouse in the country where arranged marriage was once a major method taken??


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know your country’s trend in marriage, too!^^


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