B-grade Foods are HOT in Japan !

The Japanese people are very particular and passionate about food, so there are all kinds of food events held in many parts of Japan.

In the past five years, especially the events themed “B-kyu gurume (B-grade food)” the type of food that is cheap and everyday-kind is really popular.

The recent “B-kyu gurume” festival is the one held last weekend in Tsuyama, [W:Okayama Prefecture].

There were 54 popular B-grade foods from all over the country served and 65,000 visitors enjoyed them, even though for some famous and delicious dishes, they had to wait for 4 hours in a long line


The following pictures are the examples of the foods that were served at the festival.

They are B-grade foods but they should get A for their popularities.


Fujinomiya Yakisoba (fried noodle) from Fujinomiya, [W:Shizuoka Prefecture]



"Dakiny" some rights reserved. flickr



Atsugi Shirokoro Horumon (pork offial) from Atsugi, [W:Kanagawa Prefecture]


pork sirokoro

"iwagoro" some rights reserved. flickr



Yokote Yakisoba (fried noodle) from Yokote, [W:Akita Prefecture]


yakisoba noodle

"y_katsuuu" some rights reserved. flickr



Zerry Fry (soy pulp croquette) from Gyoda, [W:Saitama Prefecture]


fry food

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This is JAPAN Style!


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