Wasabi Stories vol.74: “Working can be worth experience for students”


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“Working can be worth experience for students”

Today’s story teller is an author and professor of literature at [W:Keio University], [W:Anna Ogino].

In the article, she told about the activities that help young people grow up.


At the university, she also teaches French, but there only three students attending her class, so she is close to them.

When she went for a drink with them, she heard one of the students just started a new part time job, and that was “sell gravestone”.

What he does is putting a tent on a corner of a graveyard and selling grave stones there.

It costs more than one million yen (about ten thousand US dollars) but he sold one the other day.

That was a big surprise to Ogino because he is shy and always reads encyclopedia or philosophy books, but when he talks about his job, he shows the face of workforce.

Since he is in junior year, he has started job-hunting and reading news papers for the preparation (In Japan, the junior students start job-hunting, and college students barely read papers).

Although the junior students have one more year at college, they put their energies on job-hunting.

Professors are not so happy about it because the third year of college is important year to learn special knowledge.


But Ogino sees it positively.

“When I see how he changed, I think part time job and job hunting is not so bad for students. They help young people to grow up. Reading Plato and selling gravestones, that’s the life of youth.”


The NIKKEI Aug/3/2009  by Anna Ogino (writer)


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