Wasabi Stories vol.73: “To get easiness, you have to accept difficulty”


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“To get easiness, you have to accept difficulty”

Today’s story teller is a Japanese writer, Hiroshi Unno.

He talked about his discovery in an American novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain.

The scene is where Tom brings up about forming a gang to Huck.

It happens after Tom and Huck found treasure and a homeless orphan Huck got foster parents and home but he was disgusted with such stable life.


Huck: “I’ve tried it, and it don’t work; it don’t work, Tom. It ain’t for me; I ain’t used to it. The widder’s (foster parents) good to me, and friendly; but I can’t stand them ways.”

Tom: “Well, everybody does that way, Huck.”

Huck: “Tom, it don’t make no difference. I ain’t everybody, and I can’t STAND it. It’s awful to be tied up so.”

Tom: “Look here, Huck, being rich ain’t going to keep me back from turning robber.”

Huck: “No! Oh, good-licks; are you in real dead-wood earnest, Tom?”

Tom: “Just as dead earnest as I’m sitting here. But Huck, we can’t let you into the gang if you ain’t respectable, you know. …What would people say? Why, they’d say, ‘Mph! Tom Sawyer’s Gang! pretty low characters in it!’ They’d mean you, Huck. You wouldn’t like that, and I wouldn’t.”

Huck: “Well, I’ll go back to the widder for a month and tackle it and see if I can come to stand it, if you’ll let me b’long to the gang, Tom.”


Unno’s word,

“It seems that Mark Twain thought the Tom’s gang club as a device for Huck to endure the hard life. Being disgusted with the stiffly life with full of rules, Huck tries to run away, but Tom forms a Tom Sawyer Gang for Huck. To join Tom’s gang, Huck swears that he endures the hard life. ”


The NIKKEI Jul/30/2009  by Hiroshi Unno (writer)


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