Wasabi Stories vol.131: “Housework or whatever, don’t hold everything by yourself”


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“Housework or whatever, don’t hold everything by yourself”

Today’s story teller is a natural-life specialist, Noriko Sakou.

The topic is housewives’ attitudes to their housework.

According to a consumer goods company’s survey, Japanese housewives spend four and a half hours to complete daily housework on the average.



The company, Procter & Gamble (P&G) conducted a survey on twenties to fifties married women who have children in America, England, Sweden and China as well as Japan.

Four and a half hours is surprising because if we take seven hours of sleep, work eight hours, and spend one hour for commuting, the rest is eight-hour.

It means we have to spare more than a half of the eight-hour to complete housework.

The result told that Japanese women spend the longest time for housework hands-down.

The second longest time was Swedish women’s two-hour and forty minutes.

The shortest time was Chinese women’s “less than two-hour”.

It doesn’t mean that Japanese women are clumsy but it is about how much housework they do.

According to Sako, 90% of the Japanese subjects do laundries everyday, while 60% of other countries’ subjects do so.

And the countries that more than 50% of the subjects clean house everyday are only Japan and China.

While there are many Chinese subjects answered “family members and I clean,” most of Japanese subjects’ answered “only I clean.”

It may be connecting to the result that more than 60% of Japanese subjects answered “housework is my duty.”

This percentage topped too.


Sako’s word,

“There are not so few housewives who are not good at and hate housework like me. But if they feel ‘it is a duty that I have to do’, it must be painful. They need to think out solution like allotting a portion of housework to each family member.”


The NIKKEI Oct/14/2009  by Noriko Sako (a natural-life specialist)



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