Watch that Tells Time with “Hibashi Furin” Wind Chime Sound


Seiko Epson Corporation unveiled a new watch that tells time with “hibachi furin” sound. Hibashi furin refers furin (wind chime) made of hibachi, metal chopsticks for handling charcoal.

Having taken four years for the company to develop the idea and a half year for the five watchmakers to make the watch, the beautiful handcrafted watch costs 34,650,000 yen (US$428,000)!!! Seiko Watch will release the watch at the end of the year as the company’s 130 year’s anniversary.

Here is the video of the watch. Listen to the clear, tasteful sound!


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The gong is made of the steel sheet that was made by Munemichi Myochin, a blacksmith in Himaji, Hyogo Prefecture. He is the 52nd generation head of the family that makes “Myochin Hibashi.”

This is the Myochin Hibashi Furin (wind chime).



Source: Sankei News


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