Take It Easy! “Nohohon Zoku” Peaceful Nodding Dolls


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TAKARA TOMY’s “Nohohon Zoku” are toys that give peaceful atmosphere to fidgety, fretful people. They have big spherical heads with smiley faces, and are nodding all the time powered by solar panels.



“Nohohon” means “carefree” in Japanese, and “zoku” means “family.” They literally remind us to take easy and be relaxed when we are busy. They are called Sunshine Buddies in English speaking countries, though.

Since its first release, a variety of Nohohon Zoku has been launched including Disney, Kewpie, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, and Pokemon characters. Also, there are region limited versions available at tourist sites in Japan.

There is also humidifier version of them (See the picture below). Even with the wild hair style, he looks adorable!

Image from YouTube Video by TokyuHandsInc


You can put aroma water in the face part for aroma therapy!



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