Baby Animals of Japanese Zoos


Spring is the season when zoos get new members in their exhibitions.

In this month, many animal babies were born or debuted in public at Japanese zoos.


Baby Polar Bear


This baby polar bear born in last October first appeared in public at Adventure World in Shirahama-cho, [W:Wakayama Prefecture].

She was only 724 grams when she was born but now is 17 kilograms.

Every day after breakfast and lunch, she goes outside to sunbathe.

This zoo’s other popular stars are the baby twin pandas named Meihin and Eihin.

Since they were born in September 2008, they have been the icons of the zoo.


Baby Twin Panda



At Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya city, [W:Aichi Prefecture], they had baby Eastarn Blak-and white Colobus two months ago for the first time in 18 years.

The baby is white but gradually gets black hair as it grows.


Baby Eastarn Blak-and white Colobus


On March 13, the Higashiyama zoo named a baby Koala by public vote.


Baby Koala



The baby was born April 2009 but hadn’t named for a long time.

Finally, he was named “Tera”, which probably came after “Terra”, the earth.



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