Specialty Candy Art Shop; Ame Zaiku Yoshihara

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Have you heard about or seen the Japanese candy art called ame zaiku? Ame zaiku artisans create very elaborate candy figures in only a couple of minutes. Actually, ame zaiku is a very traditional performance art that has been passed on since the Heian period (794 – 1185).

Ame Zaiku Yoshihara, a specialty candy art shop in Tokyo’s Sendagi area, carries a variety of these hand crafted candy figures such as cats, dogs, sea creatures, and even a T-rex! These are made individually, each in 180 seconds or less. They say this quick time window is necessary because hot candy heated at 80℃ cools down very quickly, becoming too firm to work with after 180 seconds.



Most people assume that ame zaiku demonstrations can be seen only at some kind of special events. Well, at Ame Zaiku Yoshihara, curious people can see the artisans’ creating figures right there at the shop. According to the calendar on the shop’s website, Ame zaiku making can be observed until 18:00 on most of their business days. And what’s more, you can experience creating your own ame zaiku. The first business day of the month is the sole day you can make a reservation for the next month’s candy sculpting workshop. Obviously this hands-on workshop is very popular, and spaces fill up quickly. So, if you call them as soon as the shop opens on June 1st, you just might be able to book yourself a uniquely Japanese candy experience 😉


[Shop Info]
Address: 23-5 Sendagi 1Chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 minutes walk from Sendagi station (Tokyo Metro)
Website: http://ame-yoshihara.com/index.html
Tell: 03-6323-3319
Hours: 12:00〜19:00
Holidays: Monday and Tuesday


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Author: Junko


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