Japanese Candle Sticks Set: summer

Japanese candles summer

Japanese candles summer Japanese candles summer


This is the Japanese traditional handmade candle stick 3 pieces set. Fireworks and sunflower paints are so cute!

Burnable Time: about 100 minutes.

[Special features of the Japanese wax candle]

There are two characteristics compare to the ones sold in Europe and America.

One is the raw material. While Europe and American ones are made from paraffin based petroleum, Japanese candles are made from plant wax such as Japanese wax tree, rapeseed, rice bran and palm oil.

The second one is the wick. Japanese candle wicks are made of Japanese paper and soft rush that is used to make tatami mat or taken as medicine.

The wicks make strong flame that is hardly blown out, and unique fluctuation of the flame.

* In contrast with the Western candles, the Japanese candles have longer wick, which means that the flame seems bigger.


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This is JAPAN Style!