Wasabi Stories vol.71: “Sometimes you have to put others’ minds before your mind”


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“Sometimes you have to put others’ minds before your mind”

Today’s story teller is a Japanese prominent newscaster, Hitoshi Kusano.

In the article, he talked about the teacher who gave a great influence on him.

Kusano’s parents were teachers, who didn’t tell good thing about work, so he naturally became a rebellious student who reproached teachers with cold logic.

For example, when he was asked “what do you live for?” by a teacher and he coldly answered “to eat”.

Although he had hard time to get along with teachers, there was the teacher who he first liked when he was in junior high school.

The teacher’ name is Mr. Nakayama but he was called “Hippo” because of his big body.

While other teachers were harsh, Mr. Nakayama was always moderate and smiling.

When Kusano was 8th grade, his class teacher told him to run for the president election of the school, but he was reluctant.


He talked to Mr. Nakayama about it and unexpectedly, the teacher strictly told him,

“You are the center of the class. It’s not right to refuse just because you don’t want to.”


This word changed his mind and he got elected.

In the junior high school, Kusano belonged to the photograph club, which Mr. Nakayama was coaching.

“If you point your lenses toward objects with a lot of love, you can take beautiful pictures; creatures, humans, or anything.”

The Mr. Nakayama’s word that he said during the club activity was unforgettable to Kusano.


Kusano’s word

“The caster’s work that we deal with the object that we report with love is the same as Mr. Nakayama’s attitude. I was very lucky to meet him.”


The NIKKEI Jul/24/2009 by Hitoshi Kusano (newscaster)


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