“dashi café” Free Rice Ball and Miso Soup Café Opened in Tokyo


“Free” is one of the biggest keys in the today’s business world. Japanstyle has shared some businesses that utilize the power of “free” in Japan, such as “zero yen shop” and “free rice cracker café.”

Here is another one just opened a couple days ago in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

dashi cafe” is a “free rice ball and dashi based soup” café, operated by Ajinomoto, Japanese seasoning company.



Dashi is soup stock commonly made from kelp, dried fish, or shitake mushrooms. Most people nowadays use granulated instant dashi, and don’t know how to make fresh one; therefore, Ajinomoto opened this café with the aim of appealing the true flavor of dashi to young women. They serve a small rice ball, miso soup, and osuimono soup. At the café, the ingredients and related books are exhibited, so that guests can learn about dashi.

dashi café is at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan in Yurakucho, opens from 10am to 7pm (women only until 3pm), Wednesday through Monday, closed on Tuesdays.



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