Gadgetry x Moe = Otamatone Idol “NUT”

Early in 2010, JAPAN Style introduced a tadpole shaped digital musical instrument called “otamatone.”

Although the tadpole hasn’t turned into a frog yet, it sure evolved in some ways.

The instrument won the grand prize for the High Target in Japan Toy Award 2010. Meanwhile, Maywa Denki (the company that invented otamatone) launched more variations of otamatone including iPhone app.


Otamatone iPhone app (English)



Maywa Denki has also produced an idol group that perform giant otamatones!!

The group name is NUT and its theme is “gadgetry and moe.”

Hired as temporary employees, they sing and dance to promote Maywa Denki products.


Members: Pink=Yufuri, Yellow=Sanae, Blue=Kana


NUT’s first single “Omede-tone, Ariga-tone” was released in March 2011.



The song was written by the president of the company, Nobumichi Tosa. What he wanted to say in the song was that “There are happiness and unhappiness equally in your life. The tone of your life is decided by which half you are looking at. As long as we have both, we might as well look at happiness side.” according to his blog.


Source: NUT Official Blog


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