A Swimming Pool You Can Swim Without an Intake of Breath

Let me introduce a blog post from a Japanese entertainment website that I check often.

Today, it is about a swimming pool.


swimming pool

This is a small swimming pool
in the garden of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.


swimming pool

It is a surprise! There are people in the swimming pool!
Nobody is using an oxygen tank.
They are standing without holding onto anything!


swimming pool

Actually, this swimming pool is a piece of art.
You can go inside of the swimming pool from underground.
There is no water in the swimming pool, of course.


swimming pool

It is like this if you look up from inside of it.
There is a glass on the surface and water is filled on it.
It looks like people are in the water if you look down the swimming pool from above.



This is an interesting experience! 😯

It really does look like people are in the water. Only the museum could do that. ^_^

I would like to visit the museum, but Kanazawa is quite far from Tokyo…


Source: Daily Portal Z



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